Petroleum Coke

Petroleum Coke


Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC) is obtained by heating green petroleum coke at a temperature as high as 1400 ℃. With high electrically conductive and low specific electrical resistance, CPC is widely used in the aluminum anode, graphite electrode and other carbon consuming industries.

ItemFixed CarbonSulphurAshVotalite matterMoistureSize(mm)
HQ-CPC-0198.5% min.0.5% max0.7% max0.8% max0.5% max1-3/1-5
HQ-CPC-0298.5% min.0.8% max0.7% max0.8% max0.5% max1-5/30-60
HQ-CPC-0398.5% min.1.0% max0.5% max1.0% max0.5% max1-3/5-20
HQ-CPC-0498.5% min.2.0% max0.5% max1.0% max0.5% max1-5
HQ-CPC-0598.5% min.2.0% max0.5% max1.0% max0.5% max0-2


High quality green petroleum coke (CPC) is taken into Acheson furnace for graphitization process with temperature around 2500-3600 ℃. The product has higher degree of graihitization with nitrogen content s lower than 300ppm. This product with lower sulphur and ash content is ideal recarburizer for steelmaking foundry industires.

ItemFixed CarbonSulphurAshVotalite matterMoistureSize(mm)
HQ-GPC-0199.0% min.0.03% max0.7% max0.5% max0.5% max1-3/1-5
HQ-GPC-0298.5% min.0.05% max0.7% max0.8% max0.5% max1-5/5-10
HQ-GPC-0398.0% min.0.07% max0.5% max1.0% max0.5% max0.2-1
HQ-GPC-0498.0% min.0.1% max0.5% max1.0% max0.5% max0.05


Semi GPC is from the insulation layer of acheson furnace. The graphitization tempeture is int range of 1700-2500 ℃. It belongs to the medium temperature graihitization product. It is economical recarburizer with high fixed carbon., lower sulphur, fast dissolution rate and high absorption rate.

ItemFixed CarbonSulphurAshVotalite matterMoistureSize(mm)
HQ-SGPC-0198.5% min.0.1% max0.7% max0.8% max0.5% max1-5
HQ-SGPC-0298.5% min.0.2% max0.7% max0.8% max0.5% max3-8
HQ-SGPC-0398.5% min.0.3% max0.7% max0.8% max0.5% max1-5
HQ-SGPC-0498.0% min.0.5% max1.0% max0.8% max0.5% max1-5
HQ-SGPC-0598.0% min.0.8% max1.0% max0.8% max0.5% max1-5
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